Mélanie GOTTI

Consultant and technical referent

Who are you?

My name is Mélanie, and I graduated from the Mines de Nancy Ivy League College as a mechanical design engineer. Through my professional experiences, I have evolved towards supply chain roles in areas such as automotive, rail, and energy.

Since 2019, I have joined the Efor group, and since 2022, I have been part of the Technical Center of Excellence as technical expert for supply chain matters and also as a trainer.

I am passionate about my job, but not only that! I am also a handball player and a coach. Yes, there are only 24 hours in a day

What was the part of your hiring process that really stood out to you?

It was Alice, Talent Acquisition Manager from the Belfort agency!

I was already working when we had to reschedule my first interview three times, but she was very flexible, attentive, and super friendly.

Our conversations were simple, spontaneous, and we immediately had a relationship of trust. I can never thank her enough for reaching out to me and rescheduling the interview.

Why did you choose EFOR?

I chose Efor for its values, humanity, proximity between consultants and managers, and for the opportunity for personal growth. I have been able to evolve within the technical management team and it allows me to add another skill to my consultant profile.

Which one of our values resonates with you the most?

Efor is my professional family and the value that really resonates with me is sharing. Through various events such as different parties, ice hockey initiation, escape games, or even the petanque tournament where I beat the top management, I have met personalities that I would never have met outside the group.

How would you describe your Efor adventure?

At the risk of repeating myself, it is the encounters with different personalities in the group.

It is also the trust, which is a fundamental element in my daily life.

This trust between Efor and me has allowed me to grow and face new challenges every day, not to mention those that are yet to come.

Do you have any advice for future candidates?

Forget everything you think you know about consulting firms. Efor is truly an adventure to live 200% and totally different from anything else out there.

So, update your CV and join us!!

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“Efor is an adventure to live 200%, totally different from anything else out there. So, update your CV and join us!!”

Mélanie GOTTI

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