FSP Manager

Who are you?

I’m Pauline, and I am the FSP Manager for our Project Center, part of EFOR Technical Center of Excellence. To me, the FSP Manager is like an orchestra conductor, putting together and leading the experts from our Technical Center of Excellence, along with the consultants who support the client’s project, while making all communication with the client smooth and clear, to show him that everything is on track, that we are on schedule, and that all external tasks are also on track.

I have a pharmacist background: I graduated from the Limoges Pharmacy University, and I also hold a Master of Sciences in Pharmaceutical Engineering and Medicine Sciences. I joined EFOR in 2019. In fact, before joining EFOR, I had several professional experiences within the Pharma industry, in QA. After several years, I wanted some change. And that’s how the idea of switching to the consulting/contracting world came to me, because it would allow me to get involved in lots of different subjects, to cover new technical aspects, and to learn and develop new skills, especially project management.

What was the part of your hiring process that really stood out to you?

Honestly, it was the communication responsiveness. In fact, I got one of EFOR’s business manager contact info via a friend who was already working with the company, so I sent her my resume, and asked if she’d be interested in me joining the team. Everything went very quickly from there. I had the opportunity to meet with a recruiter and this business manager and ended up joining EFOR’s teams.

Why did you choose Efor?

I chose EFOR thanks to the advice of a friend who was already working for the group. And I’d say that the first criteria, it’s clearly this sense of caring for people that you can feel within the team, especially at the Paris office. And for me, the second criteria was the training center that allowed me (and still does) to learn new skills. Today, if I had to choose EFOR again, it would be clearly for the Technical Center of Excellence. It’s about great challenges to take on and amazing career growth opportunities.

Which one of our values resonates with you the most?

I’d say the sense of sharing and interaction with people, no doubt. First because personally, I am a volunteer for the Red Cross. Therefore, sharing is something very important to me. Then, through my work at the Technical Center of Excellence, I interact and share a lot with the consultants, with the technical experts, and with the clients, about the progress on their project, about the success of the project deliverables they entrusted us to work on. So yes, to me, the sense of sharing and interaction with people is what resonates the most with me.

How would you define your Efor adventure?

So, it’s rather simple: to me, it’s to be fulfilled professionally. Really, I have fun in what I do. I truly found the right work-life balance. I am undertaking challenges and I really love my job, and that, it’s thanks to EFOR.

Do you have any advice for future candidates?

Easy for me, I’d say clearly do not be afraid of the consulting world and especially at the beginning of your career. Because consulting is a great opportunity to learn new skills and it will help speed up your career.

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“I have fun in what I do. I truly found the right work-life balance. I am undertaking challenges and I really love my job”

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