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The pharmaceutical industry is accelerating its transformation, pushing companies to rely increasingly on external expertise to control costs and the technical complexity of their obligations. The sector faces numerous challenges, including:
  • Exploding R&D budgets supported by the scaling of clinical trials and the development of new molecules and drugs
  • Increased consumption of drugs due to the aging population and the development of chronic diseases
  • Reinforced regulatory constraints from (i) health authorities (FDA, EMA…) aiming for better drug safety, (ii) the internationalization of actors that requires an understanding of local regulations, (iii) the growth of product portfolio transactions that require license transfers
  • The increasing need to improve productivity and digitize processes

The Efor group combines a strong mastery of technical, regulatory, and quality requirements with extensive project management expertise. Our value proposition is linked to our ability to combine sector-specific expertise and business solutions, enabling us to cover our clients’ strategic and operational projects, which we proudly support.


Biotechnology is the application of science and technology to living organisms. Biotech exploits cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies and products that contribute to improving health. Artificial organs, cell therapies, the development of biopharmaceuticals or vaccines… All of these discoveries require a culture of innovation and mastery of quality and regulatory requirements, areas of expertise at Efor, in order to accelerate the market launch and maintenance of our clients’ products.

With one of the densest biotech ecosystems in Europe, France notably has 7 competitiveness clusters dedicated to the sector, including Lyon Biopôle, Medicen, Alsace Biovalley, Atlantic Biotherapies, Cancer Bio Santé, Eurobiomed, and Nutrition Santé Longévité, of which the Efor Group is identified.


Medical technologies are devices used for the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of a disease.

Given the financial constraints on healthcare services, medical technology and innovation are key to developing new tools, new ways of treating patients, and thus relieving already heavily burdened healthcare systems, making them profitable and improving outcomes for patients.

The Medtech industry is also facing significant changes, whether regulatory, with the implementation of new regulations making market access more difficult, or competitive, making market access increasingly competitive.

As a leader in the field, Efor has the necessary references and skills to help its clients overcome these new challenges with pragmatism and methodology.


The cosmetics industry is committed to concrete actions for product safety, quality, and effectiveness, as well as for ecological transition.

With one of the most efficient R&I activities in the industry in terms of number of patents filed, the sector proves its ability to anticipate developments and innovate.

The cosmetics industry continues its improvement strategy in a context of regulatory requirements that are becoming stricter and closer to those of other Life Sciences sectors.

The birth of a real ecological consciousness among consumers, the debates on parabens, endocrine disruptors, and potentially carcinogenic ingredients have had a major impact on the sector through a demand for “natural” and “better consumption”.

Thanks to proven scientific expertise and excellent mastery of the expectations of competent authorities, Efor brings vision and operational skills to this rapidly evolving sector.

Consumer Health

Consumer health is the sector encompassing all over-the-counter (OTC) health products, wellness products, and self-medication services for the general public. These products are subject to strict regulatory requirements, and are designed for the prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of illnesses. The industry, driven by a strong culture of innovation, strives to create products that meet the needs of customers and promote well-being.


The consumer health market is booming, fueled by consumers seeking to improve their health on a daily basis and concerned with “healthy aging.” The sector’s challenges are numerous, particularly related to the growth of new technologies that enable individuals to track their personal health data through connected devices. Recognizing these challenges, the Efor group is committed to innovation in personalized medicine through an innovative and evolving Health and Wellness platform called Evimeria®. This platform is an innovation project developed in-house by Soladis teams to contribute to tomorrow’s health by supporting everyone in their daily lives, regardless of their activity. It allows people to improve their quality of life by facilitating therapeutic adherence and becoming active participants in their own health and well-being.


As an expert in technical, quality, and regulatory support for industry, Efor has also deployed its expertise to institutional and public organizations to become a leading player in the sector.

To maintain our high level of service and consulting approach with our clients, we believe in the value of incorporating insights from other industrial sectors, particularly those subject to significant technological constraints.

Global Industries

As Life Sciences specialist consultancy group, we are also convinced of the technological and methodological contributions offered by others highly constrained sectors, renowned for their culture of innovation and industrial performance.

That’s why we devote a part of our activities to “Global Industries” supporting major players in the manufacturing, energy, process, transport and special machinery industries


This diversity enables us to position ourselves as a definitely differentiating player for our clients, by transferring our know-how and offering them innovative solutions tailored to their needs.

Then, this approach offers unique and stimulating developments to all our employees, who have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, develop new skills and expand their professional horizons