Efor provides clients with all the necessary skills to manage the evolving challenges related to their production equipment. We rely on our expertise of the entire value chain, from design to production and maintenance of equipment.

Our expertise Engineering


Whether it’s new buildings (workshops, clean rooms, storage, etc.), renovation (revamping), or activity transfer projects (laboratories, production, etc.), we provide tailored assistance and solutions adapted to our clients’ strategies and organizations. We deploy our proactive advisory approach throughout the following phases:
  • Feasibility, Preliminary projects 
  • Detailed projects 
  • Execution studies
  • Tender file / Call for tender
  • Construction monitoring / FAT
  • Commissioning SAT / IQ / OQ / PQ
  • Maintenance / Optimization

From project managers, business managers and planners to lot specialists, designers, works coordinators or HSE coordinators, EFOR deploys operational experts capable of providing their technical expertise throughout the life cycle of our clients’ projects.

Production & Supply

Efor offers a combination of process and statistical expertise to provide comprehensive production and supply chain improvement services. Manufacturing processes must be under control, but what limits should be chosen when deviations are observed? Our statisticians assist producers in making decisions and help with troubleshooting to identify the causes of deviations. They also intervene in comparability studies to validate a change by defining the statistical method, number of tests, and acceptability criteria that demonstrate the equivalence of the results.

In addition, our data visualization experts offer value solutions that provide a holistic view of manufacturing processes to proactively resolve potential quality and process performance problems. Finally, with proven skills in production and supply chain, our employees provide our clients with solutions throughout the production and supply chain to help them improve processes and optimize flows to better manage risks.


A technical shutdown (or “shutdown”) is the process of stopping a production line or building in order to carry out corrective and preventive maintenance activities, technical or metrological checks, regulatory checks, electrical checks, building maintenance work, modification, optimization, validation, or reliability projects.

EFOR experts support our clients throughout the following phases:

  • Planning of shutdowns
  • Management of daily meetings
  • Management of HSE activities
  • Support for post-shutdown restart
  • Organization of feedback on the shutdown and proposal of improvement actions

The emergence of monitoring sensors has led to the development of a new type of maintenance: predictive maintenance. EFOR group assists its clients in applying this novel approach, which allows for optimizing equipment interventions based on a probabilistic approach to risk. Our data scientists study sensor information, maintenance and failure history, and use machine learning algorithms to indicate the optimal period for performing maintenance operations. As a result, interventions are better planned and emergencies are reduced, leading to lower operational costs and increased operational serenity

Operational Excellence

Our experts specialize in operational excellence, enabling our clients to improve the quality, efficiency, and profitability of their operational processes. We aim to analyze processes and data to extract value-added decision elements.

This approach relies on several types of activities:

  • Analysis of the current state through mapping processes, their interdependence, and their efficiency presented in a graphical form to highlight areas of waste in a Lean Six Sigma approach.
  • Deep data analysis using statistical control tools and various analysis diagrams (Pareto, fishbone). Data analysis aims to identify vulnerabilities and improvement points.
  • Rigorous project management based on standards (Prince2, PMP, etc.) to manage the implementation of key deliverables with end-to-end monitoring (from objectives to evaluation through planning and execution).
  • Continuous improvement aiming to maximize the quality, efficiency, and profitability of processes. Measurable KPIs, their monitoring and updating, are at the heart of continuous improvement. Training and awareness-raising also promote the adoption of the overall continuous improvement approach.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is characterized by the application of information and communication technologies to industry. Industry tools are modeled in order to simulate and anticipate their behaviors, thus achieving gains in competitiveness and optimizing consumption through energy efficiency.

The objective is not only to increase production rates, but to also seek the best quality in product manufacturing by limiting costs related to rejected parts, handling of complaints, or production line shutdowns for unplanned maintenance, among others.

Industry 4.0 is based on the development of new technologies combined with advanced analytical approaches. It refers to a new generation of connected and intelligent factories capable of adapting more easily to production needs and processes. Machines, operators, and products interact. These new processes also allow for connecting the end consumer to the production tool to meet the challenges related to final product customization or reduce the impact of complaints due to quality issues.

Analytics and data science, augmented reality, IoT, and automation are just some of the expertise dedicated within the Efor group to support our clients in implementing Industry 4.0 evolutions.

Our Interventions

  • Assistance

    Our experts have taken on the role of project management assistance in the implementation of a new messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine production facility.
  • Transition

    Thanks to our teams’ vast experience, we are able to act as interim managers in transition within our clients’ organizations. One of our experts acted as the Head of the Engineering Department, leading 30 projects on new facilities and revamping installations in an aseptic environment.
  • HVAC

    As part of a project for the creation of a new animal vaccine plant, our teams intervened as HVAC experts from the concept design to the construction phase.
  • Parameters

    At the core of the production activity, the challenge for Soladis experts is to provide an overview of data and methods to be applied for optimal analysis. Our service has notably led to the development of control charts and the creation of management tools to trigger alerts in case of production parameter deviations.

« Our teams are mobilized to respond with agility to the challenges of relocation or innovation for Life Sciences industries. »

– Vincent ROMERU – Technical Director

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