A unique and differentiated organization for tailored support.

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Our Technical Management is made up of 180 specialists who cover all the professions involved in the life cycle of a healthcare product. Its value proposition is centered on providing technical and methodological support to our teams and clients. This ensures that they achieve the highest level of performance and compliance required by health authorities.

The technical management explained by its board

Technical department

Julie Marion – Technical Department Director

"Since its creation in 2015, the Technical Department has been designed to provide a truly differentiating consulting approach and strategic vision to our clients. Internally, it supports our desire to position ourselves as a career accelerator by providing our employees with training and development prospects"

Expertise Center

Jean-Yves BLUM – Expertise Center Director

"This talent pool is truly remarkable! Consisting of recognized specialists from the industry and health authorities, this center is structured into eleven departments. These departments mirror the services we offer to our clients. Our clients and collaborators can access our group's vast knowledge and expertise at any time to ensure project success."

Projects Center

Sheila SROUR – Project Center Director

“As a part of the Technical Department, the Project Center provides highly committed and innovative proposals through its methodology. Our teams offer a range of services, from technical assistance to full-service support, to help our clients transform their outsourcing activities.”

Audits Center

Frédéric LOMBARDO – Audit Center Director

"Our Audit Center has a team of over 50 certified auditors who offer audit and evaluation services to measure the compliance and performance of our clients' organizations and systems. In addition, we measure those of their suppliers."

Training Center

Leslie BRUYERE – Training Center Director

"For Tree, a successful training is an experience that should provide energy and conviction about a profession or subject. In addition to enriching knowledge and skills, training should be practical and concrete. That's why Tree’s training is designed to meet these requirements and led by expert trainers active in the field.”

Our intervention methods

The demand for innovation, the need to improve patient care processes, and evolving regulatory requirements pose numerous daily challenges for the industry. 

In this context, we provide our clients and partners with comprehensive expertise throughout the product lifecycle. Our solutions in Regulatory Affairs, Engineering, Commissioning Qualification & Validation, Quality Assurance & Quality Control, as well as Drug Safety and Medical Device Vigilance are offered in four different formats.

Our Technical Management collaborate closely with our operational teams to ensure the delivery of high-quality services that meet healthcare authorities’ expectations, regardless of the chosen mode of intervention.

01 Hotline

Our team of experts in Technical Management provides occasional expertise to our clients. This enables them to receive quick and accurate answers to the questions they face daily or those posed by the authorities.

02 Time & Material

On-site or remotely, this intervention mode ensures skills availability within industrial teams. Our clients are thus guaranteed to be supported by an autonomous, high-performing team, trained to successfully carry out their improvement projects or support their service ramp-up phases.

03 Functional Service Provider (FSP)

Flexibility, agility, productivity, and reporting are the key elements of this intervention mode. Our expert teams, with complementary skills, are led by an internal organizational structure to ensure our support missions effectiveness and performance.

04 Full service

This support mode provides our clients with a comprehensive outsourcing solution for their activities. This enables them to increase efficiency and deliver high-quality results as quickly as possible. Opting for this results-driven intervention mode enables our clients to save pilotage time by entrusting their projects to our multidisciplinary team through a single point of contact. Our CRO, Soladis Clinical Studies, perfectly illustrates this mode of operation by offering full-service clinical study design and management services.