About us

Our vision

“Our goal is to establish Efor as a world leader in its market by 2028.”

– Mathieu ROGER, President & Founder

With a strong identity and corporate culture based on self-improvement and kindness, Efor has stood out for its dynamism and operational excellence since its inception.

Over the last decade, we have successfully positioned ourselves as one of the top European players on our market. Today, we are an innovative organization made up of passionate specialists and committed individuals.

We are dedicated to our mission of assisting our clients in building the healthcare of today and tomorrow.

Our Executive Commitee

  • Julie MARION

    Head of Operations & Strategy

  • Olivier GILLOT

    General Manager

  • Vincent GROLEAS

    Head of Excellence & France South

  • Alain RENAUX

    Head of France Greater East

  • Franck ROUSSEL

    Head of France Greater East

  • Jenna TOUNSI

    Head Of M&A

  • Mickaël PRETOT

    Head of US & International Development

  • Arnaud MEUNIER

    Head of scalability

  • Olivier TAMBUZZO

    Executive Director of Finance

  • Mikael BOULANGER

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Antoine FOLLANA

    Business Unit Director

Our values

Three core values are ingrained in our DNA and are shared by all our teams. They shape our daily lives and guide our actions:

01 Commitment

We are dedicated to creating a supportive and empowering environment for our teams to thrive and reach their full potential. 

As a responsible employer, we are also committed to actively pursuing environmental sustainability and addressing social challenges.

02 Excellence

We are driven by a commitment to excellence in all of our client interactions, as well as in providing personalized career support to our talented team members. 

We strive to exceed expectations and deliver outstanding performance.

03 Sharing

Our approach is based on sharing our passion, knowledge, and unique experiences with our teams. This promotes a strong sense of community and highlights our collective efforts.

Our history


Creation of Efor in Lyon

Since our group’s creation, we have experienced exceptional organic growth due to the dynamic approach and values upheld by our teams. In just seven years, we established eleven new agencies across France and Europe.


Choice of our specialization

In 2015, we formed a technical department to support industries undergoing major transformations, leveraging our healthcare expertise. In 2019, we decided to specialize in Life Sciences consulting. This quickly established us as a reference player in the consulting industry with over 650 employees.


Confirmation of our positioning

In December 2020, Efor acquired and integrated CVO-Europe, a pioneer in Life Sciences consulting for major pharmaceutical and biotech companies. This acquisition provided us with complementary sectoral and geographical expertise, strengthening our position as a Life Sciences specialist in Europe.


Strengthening our technological expertise

In 2021, Efor acquired and integrated Soladis, a recognized leader for more than 20 years in digital expertise and healthcare data management. With our established expertise in data, statistics, digital technology, and omics, we can meet our clients’ expectations across the entire data value chain. This solidifies our position as a key player in the Life Sciences sector.


Intensified internationalization

Following our expansion into Switzerland and Belgium, we accelerated our international growth by establishing Efor US in Boston. This move affirms our ambition to elevate our group to a global status.


At the top rank in Europe

In December 2023, Efor acquired and integrated the brands Altogen, Emovia, and Mealys from the NODARIUS group, a key player in the specialized Life Sciences consulting market. This union brings together complementary skills, enhances our geographical diversity, and strengthens our values. It allows us to reinforce our leading position in Europe and German-speaking Switzerland and nurtures our ambition to become a global leader in our market.

Next Steps

With the foundation we have built and the talented individuals who fully embody our values, we intend to continue our growth, particularly in Europe and the United States. We intend to establish ourselves as the leading international player in life sciences consulting. We are committed to putting people and health at the heart of our concerns, and we are determined to achieve our vision.

Our numbers