Our CSR commitments

We take our social and environmental responsibility seriously and are more committed than ever to focusing on our role and impact on society. Working collaboratively with all stakeholders in the group (including internal teams, clients, and suppliers), we fully incorporate social, environmental, and ethical concerns into every aspect of our operations.

Our CSR strategy is an integral part of our values and directly integrated into the group’s development plan. It focuses on three pillars:

  • Health and well-being
  • Responsible business and employer
  • Sustainability

Health and well-being

Our consultants are dedicated to taking on more innovative projects and assisting our clients in creating the healthcare of tomorrow. In addition to this daily commitment, we also utilize our skills and expertise to contribute to our most valuable asset: our health.

Our commitments:

  • We participate in conferences, congresses, and events related to healthcare and scientific advancements.
  • We support medical research and patient care through philanthropic programs.
  • We innovate through our health data research centre: Evimeria. With strong expertise in algorithms and data processing, our teams aim to develop data science methods and tools to improve well-being (stress management, quality of the world) and health.

Our commitment to health is also anchored in the group’s investment in individual health (physical, mental, emotional, etc.) of its employees. It seems fundamental to us to provide them with working conditions conducive to their success and well-being (mobility, an inclusive work environment, remote working, services, etc.).

We are dedicated to prioritizing inclusion and combating discrimination as central concerns at Edor.

Responsible business and employer

We place great importance on taking responsibility for our actions towards our employees, customers, suppliers, and regulators.

Additionally, we provide support and skill development opportunities for our employees through training programs that are primarily offered by our internal training center.

We have also formed a partnership to assist military personnel in transitioning to civilian life. This has resulted in us hiring, training, and supporting several former military personnel as they pursue their new career paths.

We are also dedicated to transparent and responsible activity management through stable and agile governance.

  • We ensure fair business practices in professional relationships
  • We act as responsible buyers
  • We protect and secure our customers’ and employees’ data


In response to our planetary limits being exceeded, we have integrated environmental impact into our overall performance. As a result, our group has undertaken various initiatives, including:
  • We are developing the group’s environmental strategy (climate, biodiversity, pollution, resources) in connection with our core business.
  • We reduce our environmental impact by:
    • Working on our mobility
    • Establishing partnerships with specialized waste management organizations, like Elise
    • Digitizing our processes to limit paper consumption
    • Optimizing building energy management
  • Leading and raising awareness among our employees about various issues in the field. This is done through activities such as organizing clean-up days, participating in Mobility Day, Quality of Life at Work (QWL) Week, or Environment Week challenges.

Sports as a driver of our CSR vision

Sports provide us with a fantastic opportunity to showcase our values and promote responsible behavior, health, and healthy lifestyles.  We are committed to continuing and strengthening our partnerships with organizations that use sports to tackle the challenges we face, including environmental protection, disability sports, medical research, and inclusion. For instance, we take part in responsible events like the EcoSport Challenge. During this event, we collect cigarette butts, a common and polluting waste in water resources, and raise awareness among our teams about this issue.

Gender Equality

Committed to equality on a daily basis

Our commitment

Our group is dedicated to promoting gender equality. We strive to provide personalized professional development opportunities for all of our employees, regardless of gender.

Here are the professional equality indexes for the group in 2023:

  • Efor Lyon : 85/100
  • Efor Paris : 96/100
  • Efor Aix en Provence : 92/100
  • Efor Belfort : 82/100
  • Efor Strasbourg : 78/100
  • CVO-Europe : 82/100
  • Soladis : 97/100
See the professional equality indexes

Our certifications and standards


    With a score above 87% of companies assessed, our Efor Lyon entity continues to make progress, scoring highly on environmental, social and human rights issues.
  • ECOVADIS Efor Group

    After 4 years of assessment of our original entity in Lyon, we decided to take on a new challenge with the EcoVadis assessment for our entire group, which has 2,500 employees spread over 21 sites in 4 different countries. For this first edition, we are proud to have received the “Committed Company” label, with a score higher than 56% of the companies evaluated.

    Our goal? The podium next year!


    Efor is an United Nations Global Compact signatory. The group integrates the 10 principles of this movement and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into its overall strategy and corporate culture.
  • MASE

    This repository is a safety management system that improves the company’s Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) performance. It is based on five fundamental axes: commitment by the management, competence and professional qualification of the personnel, preparation and organization of work, control and continuous improvement.
  • ISO 9001

    Efor Belfort is certified ISO 9001 for its quality management system requirements. It provides a guarantee of providing the agency’s clients with quality services thanks to efficient processes.