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Our added value

Thanks to our recognized expertise in Life Sciences industry practices and regulations, Tree supports you in the skills development of your teams.
A team of pedagogical managers and engineers dedicated to analyzing your needs and designing the training program that will optimize the learning of your team members.
A rigorous and efficient design process based on the ADDIE instruction model.
Expert trainers from our Technical Department with real experience and a practical approach
The guarantee of quality training recognized by our Qualiopi certification

The support of a digital management solution and the implementation of an online platform facilitating all procedures

E-learning and Blended learning

Efficient training without logistical constraints related to travel and schedules is now possible through e-learning and blended learning.

Whether your subject is occasional, recurrent, standard, or specific, our pedagogical engineers are available to answer your questions and build your project with you.

In addition to the e-learning modules already developed, Tree teams are at your disposal to create customized digital content for your company.

Reluctant to the idea of 100% e-learning training? We also offer mixed solutions that combine e-learning modules with on-site training to strengthen content or reduce in-person time to allow more interaction with the expert trainer.

Virtual Reality

Immersive virtual reality training is the innovative and pragmatic solution for your training needs.

You will benefit from:
  • Time management for training
  • Security
  • Human and material resource mobilization
  • Skills development and risk management


We can imagine together a multitude of possibilities:

  • Discovering the work environment for new employees
  • Understanding and integrating Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Learning procedures for positions such as dressing, line clearing, cleaning, and maintenance
  • Training to respond to emergency situations
  • Offering a virtual tour of new facilities
  • Virtualization of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)


Our in-person Inter-Company training is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

For any additional information or adaptation required for a disability situation, please contact our teams.