Clean up day : together to clean


As part of the Quality of Life at Work week and the inter-company challenge that our teams participated in last June, we decided to further raise awareness about waste and the environment by organizing a clean-up day challenge within the different agencies of our group.

Armed with their sneakers, gloves, and giant trash bags, our teams took advantage of a pre or post lunch walk to pick up litter near their workplace (plastic, cigarette butts, etc.)

These actions did not go unnoticed, as some passers-by even joined in along the way!

In France and Belgium, more than 25 teams were formed in cities such as Aix, Strasbourg, Lyon, Grenoble, Belfort, and Waterloo, to give the planet a good cleaning. And it was no small feat.

All together, it was an incalculable number of cigarette butts and over 100 kg of plastic and packaging that were picked up. A rather sad loot – we would have liked to come back with empty bags – but a great pride in being able to act for our environment with little things.

Our actions won’t stop there.