Evimeria - The Health and Well-being Platform by Efor Group


Evimeria is the innovative health solution developed by the Soladis by Efor teams.

Its purpose is to accompany users on a daily basis in their health and well-being journey by giving them the possibility to become active participants in their health while taking into account their environment.

Focused on well-being, the objective is to objectively measure stress and fatigue levels through questionnaires and sensors to prevent associated health problems (digestive problems, weight issues, heart diseases, depression, skin problems, etc.) and prevent the harmful effects of stress such as burnout.

How does the application work?

Evimeria collects the physiological parameters of the subject through connected objects (ECG, SPO2, temperature, speed, acceleration…) on one side and exogenous data related to the environment (weather, traffic, pollution) on the other side in order to produce measures related to defined contexts (stress, sleep quality…).

Through a mobile application, the user has a qualified and direct measure in real-time of their stress level or sleep quality in the context of prevention and evaluation of well-being for better health management.

In compliance with GDPR, the confidentiality of results, data security, and measure reliability are ensured.

By combining this solution with various practices (meditation, sophrology, power nap…) or with the environment (mountain, countryside, traffic, pollution…), users can objectively identify key factors of quality of life.

As a true innovative solution, this application received the Innovation Award 2021 from the France Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

For more information, visit the Evimeria website 👉https://www.e-vimeria.com/